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Weird stuff

Lately I’ve felt like Andrew’s been more distant. We had a big dumb talk about it and everything is fine now but I hate bringing these sorts of things.
Last night we went with Rhea to Paul’s house and they seem to hit it off. Andrew stayed at my house and it was kinda nice but I was mad at him when we went to sleep so I feel like a butt.

Sunday night we were snuggling in bed and I got super sleepy so daddy tucked me in before he left. I got too tired and fell asleep before he got home. Yuck.

This week there’s no work for Andrew so we’ll probably get to see each other more!!!! 

We went out lots this weekend and we had a sleepover and on Sunday we made shrimp fried rice for dinner because I had a mighty hunger. We played through more Banjo-Tooie but it was more like daddy played while I dozed on his lap - I was exhausted.

I haven’t been feeling so great all weekend so I’m worried and I wish I had Andrew around to make me feel better. :( He always makes me feel better when I feel blah.

This weekend I had a bunch of creepy dudes creep all over me and it taught me that 

1: daddy is best for me, and 

2: there is literally no one else I want to be with.

We did some game stuff and watched our shows and did general lazy weekend things :3 I just want it to be wednesday so I can see him again. 

Casino Party!

Alexx and Marie and daddy and I all went to the casino. Alexx lost the most - her and i both gave daddy money for gas but he just used it, but lost it, so i guess he zero’d out. I almost doubled up and Marie tripled up so a mostly successful night :)

It was good seeing Alexx. we’re probably gonna plan a trip to go visit her in a few weeks since she’s going back home to Saskatchewan. 

I just wish that tonight daddy was staying with me because I just want to get snuggly with him. I feel like he could use some intimacy and I just feel like I need my warm snuggle buddy.

Daddy and I went out for dinner with Paul and Alexx ‘cause she came in the city for a few days. She treated us which was super nice of her!!! Tonight was really fun :)

He’s gonna see if he can miss some school tomorrow so we can spend some solo time together. We don’t get much of that anymore and I think we both miss it a lot.

The last little while hasn’t been anything new - we’ve gone for dinner a couple times, we work, we see each other. It’s weird that Andrew had a week off school and now it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming - I liked spending more time together and being more relaxed. 

We’ve been playing through Banjo-Tooie, that’s been fun. And we bought lil windowsill plants that we’re gonna try and grow - hot pepper and basil :)

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